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From the way we sleep to the foods we eat and the steps (literal and metaphorical) we take throughout the day, these simple actions have a profound effect on our happiness and health. At eachnight, our focus is on delivering smart and holistic strategies for improving your sleep, nutrition, and fitness habits with small steps you can take each and every night. 

Sleep, nutrition, and fitness have a profound effect on our happiness and health.

We produce comprehensive guides to help you understand the latest research and tips for healthier dieting, rest, recovery, and workouts. Between nutrient-dense recipes to in-depth product reviews and more, our staff compiles all the information you need to progressively improve your overall quality of life.

Can't Sleep? 7 Tips for Better Sleep

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Our sleep, nutrition, and fitness guides can help you understand the latest research and tips for better dieting, rest, recovery, and workouts.

Best Core Exercises and Workout Routines

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Our Process

When choosing writing a new topic to help you sleep better, we have a four-step process to make sure we deliver the best content possible.


Our team of writers researches the topic, reading dozens, if not hundreds, of sources and experts on the topic.


Our writers distill the information into a new piece of engaging, factful content. We bring the best information into one free and easily-to-digest location.


The article is fact-checked by our roster of health experts.


The article is reviewed one more time, to make sure we got everything right. Then it's published for everyone to read.

Meet our writers

We hold our content to high standards. Our writers spend countless hours on research to produce in-depth articles and buying guides.

Narwan Amini

Sleep Writer

Narwan Amini is a writer and researcher whose interests include sleep, linguistics, and storytelling. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Portland State University where she studied English Literature.

Jasmin Lee

Sleep Writer

Jasmin Lee is dedicated to helping others get better sleep—when she’s not napping, you can often find her researching the latest in bedding and mattress technology. Her fascination with sleep fuels her drive to connect readers with the resources they need to improve their night’s rest.

Kiera Pritchard

Sleep & Fitness Writer

Kiera Pritchard’s curiosity around dreams and dreaming sparked her passion for sleep science. In addition to freelancing for eachnight, Kiera is also a physical trainer and strives to help others lead healthy lives while asleep and awake. Since joining our team, Kiera has compiled multiple sleep health guides offering our readers advice on how to improve their days and evenings.

Malik Karman

Sleep Writer & Product Reviewer

"Professional sleeper” Malik Karman is a freelance writer for the eachnight blog. Over the years, Malik has read countless medical studies and explored hundreds of different bedding products in an effort to better understand what goes into a restorative night’s rest. Malik curates many of our “best mattress” guides to assist readers in the mattress buying process.

Alice Kraft

Nutrition Editor

Alice Kraft is a health and nutrition geek who spends her spare time experimenting with new and quirky recipes that make cooking easy and fun again. From quick yet wholesome 15-minute meals to no-bake desserts and one-pot feasts, she enjoys balancing taste and convenience so you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Martin Tsai

Nutrition Writer

Martin Tsai spent most of his life in the food industry from sourcing to waiting tables to ingredient prep until he started working his way up the line. As an avid fan of fresh ingredients, he’s always looking for ways to substitute processed products for natural foods so everyone can have a more complete diet.

Our Expert Review Board

eachnight's Expert Review Board consists of certified dietitians, fitness coaches, nutritionists, doctors, and medical professionals who work alongside our editorial team to ensure our articles are accurate and reflect the latest in health information.

Our goal is to produce evidence-based and up-to-date information so that we can provide comprehensive resources on sleep, nutrition, fitness, and beauty. To facilitate our mission, we partner with licensed doctors, health experts, and more to fact check our content.

Our Promise

At eachnight, we’re committed to producing in-depth sleep, nutrition, and fitness guides that make it easy to adopt healthier habits each and every night. We sift through all the complicated and conflicting research and science to surface simple and actionable tips so you can live a better life.