Brittany holds an Honors BA in Global Health, which has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness between various aspects of health and wellness. Additionally, she has earned an Honors diploma in Holistic Nutrition, equipping her with specialized training to address the unique needs of her clients.

Brittany Ford is certified as a holistic nutritionist by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN). The school’s website states that it is the largest school of holistic nutrition in Canada, with over 11,000 graduates across the globe.


An innovator in her field, Brittany has spearheaded initiatives to teach women how to cycle sync and live in harmony with their cycles and hormones. This groundbreaking work has empowered numerous individuals to make positive lifestyle changes and achieve balance in their lives.

Throughout her career, Brittany has collaborated with prominent institutions and organizations, establishing valuable partnerships that have further enriched her expertise. While not explicitly mentioned, she has had the opportunity to share her knowledge through media appearances, including a Bloomberg video series and a featured article on Poosh. Moreover, Brittany has been invited to participate in numerous podcasts, where she has shared her insights and served as an authority in the realm of holistic nutrition.

Brittany’s dedication and contributions to her profession have garnered professional commendations from peers and industry leaders alike, further highlighting her exceptional expertise. She has also actively mentored and provided guidance to other professionals and aspiring individuals in her field, fostering growth and knowledge sharing within her community.

Having volunteered as a health educator in Tanzania and Fiji, Brittany possesses international and multicultural experiences that have broadened her perspective and contributed to her professional growth. These experiences have enabled her to understand the diverse needs of individuals and tailor her approach to better serve a global clientele.

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