Kay Lemay is a distinguished freelance writer with a focus on mental wellness, physical health, and entertainment. Kay’s work is not just theoretical; she brings a personal touch to her writing, reflecting her interests in sleep, comics, the social dimension of health, and the influence of entertainment on mental wellbeing. This personal investment in her work enhances its relevance and appeal to a broad audience.


Her academic accomplishments include a double major in English and History from Marlboro College, demonstrating her dedication to learning and understanding the world around her.


Kay’s contributions to her field extend beyond writing articles. She is a trusted voice in the field of sleep and wellness, providing expert-verified reviews of products related to her field. Her reviews are comprehensive, insightful, and based on her first-hand experience, making them a valuable resource for readers navigating the vast array of products available in the market.

In addition to her writing and reviews, Kay is dedicated to educating her readers on a variety of topics related to her field. Her work includes educational pieces on science, disorders, and wellbeing, providing valuable information to those interested in these areas.

Kay’s work has been featured on various platforms, each with their own mission and history. These platforms recognize Kay’s expertise and trust her to provide accurate and relevant information to their readers.

Recently Published by Kay

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