“Professional sleeper” Malik Karman is a freelance writer for the eachnight blog. Over the years, Malik has read countless medical studies and explored hundreds of different bedding products in an effort to better understand what goes into a restorative night’s rest. Malik curates many of our “best mattress” guides to assist readers in the mattress buying process.


Malik has studied biology and is fascinated by neurology in particular. He’s also brushed up on psychology to supplement that understanding of the brain, and is particularly interested in how we sleep and what we can do to sleep better.

Recently Published by Malik

Mattress Resources

How to Keep a Mattress from Sliding

Malik Karman

Waking in the night to feel the mattress dangling off the edge...

Bedding Resources

How to Use a Bed Skirt with an Adjustable Bed

Malik Karman

It's a common misconception that bed skirts and adjustable beds don't work....

Mattress Guides

Best Mattress for Degenerative Disc Disease of 2023

Malik Karman

Degenerative disc disease is an often painful, sometimes debilitating condition that affects...

Mattress Guides

Best Motion-Isolating Mattresses of 2023

Malik Karman

When you sleep alone, motion isolation is probably not all that high...

Mattress Comparison

Talalay vs. Dunlop Latex Foam Mattress: What's The Difference?

Malik Karman

If you’ve been shopping for a natural latex mattress recently, you’ve probably...

Mattress Sales

Best Mattress Store in Fort Worth

Malik Karman

Some things you can buy online with no problem. Some things are...

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