Andrea Strand, a Certified Sleep Science Coach, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of sleep health. Her academic journey at Brigham Young University in Idaho culminated in a Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature/letters, with a focus on technical writing. This strong educational foundation has equipped her with the skills to communicate complex ideas effectively, making her an invaluable resource in the field of sleep health.


In addition to her academic achievements, Andrea has honed her skills in sleep product testing and reviewing. Since 2019, she has authored over 90 blog posts and guides on sleep health, sleep hygiene, and product reviews. This extensive body of work showcases her hands-on experience and deep understanding of sleep products and their impact on sleep health.

Andrea’s work is not confined to a single platform. Her research and insights have been featured in high-profile publications such as Buzzfeed, Yahoo! Money, Motley Fool, ValueWalk, and Fox Business. This wide-ranging recognition is a testament to her standing in her field and the trust that both readers and fellow professionals place in her insights.

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