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Best Overall Hybrid Mattress: Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid

  • Price Range: $1349 to $2798
  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: 5 to 6 out of 10 (Medium)
  • Availability: All Sizes
  • Thickness: 12 Inches

20 Years

Sleep Trial

100 Nights



Best mattress features
  • Top comfort layer is plant-based Bio-Pur® material
  • Little to no motion transfer thanks to pocketed coils
  • Edge support along the sides for more leisurely mornings
Recommended For
  • Side, back, and combination sleepers
  • Green shoppers interested in an eco-friendly mattress
  • Couples seeking a bouncy mattress to share
Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid
  • Plant-based, pressure-relieving Bio-Pur® foam
  • Pocketed coils support the body in various positions
  • Soft, breathable mattress cover for a consistently cool surface
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Best Cooling Hybrid Mattress: Zoma Hybrid

  • Price Range: $699 to $1598
  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: 5 to 6 out of 10 (Medium)
  • Availability: All Sizes
  • Thickness: 12 Inches

10 Years

Sleep Trial

100 Nights



Best Mattress Features
  • Cool gel memory foam and elastic AirCloth mattress cover
  • Buoyant transition layer of adaptable Reactiv™ foam
  • Individually wrapped coils prevent movements from spreading
Recommended For
  • Athletes and individuals with active lifestyles
  • Hot sleepers of most sleep styles
  • People coping with a chronic pain condition
Zoma Hybrid
  • Infused gel memory foam increases mattress’s heat dispersion
  • Reactiv™ mimics the feel of latex for extra bounciness
  • Pocketed coils lift the sleeper for ideal spine alignment
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Best Value Hybrid Mattress: Vaya Hybrid

  • Price Range: $449 to $899
  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: 5 to 6 out of 10 (Medium)
  • Availability: All Sizes
  • Thickness: 12 Inches

10 Years

Sleep Trial

100 Nights



Best mattress features
  • Vaya Comfort Foam lighter than traditional memory foam
  • Pocketed coils provide firm edge support along the mattress’s sides
  • Mesh woven cover helps air flow through the bed for cool sleep
Recommended for
  • Budget shoppers and bargain hunters who favor any sleep position
  • Couples seeking a larger mattress that won’t break their budget
  • Hot sleepers interested in an inexpensive cooling mattress
Vaya Hybrid
  • Adaptable, breathable comfort foam layer
  • Airy, bouncy pocketed coils with edge support
  • Foam base thicker than usual for more stability
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Best Luxury Mattress: Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

  • Price Range: $2049 to $4198
  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: 3 out of 10 (Soft)
  • Availibility: All sizes
  • Thickness: 14 inches

20 Years

Sleep Trial

100 Nights



Best mattress features
  • Plant-based foam for soft, conforming cushion
  • Transition layer ensures little to no sinkage
  • Pocketed coils keep the mattress bouncy
Recommended for
  • Side sleepers of all sizes
  • Petite sleepers interested in a pressure-relieving mattress
  • Heavier people who want a plush yet supportive mattress
Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid
  • Plush, breathable plant-based foam for cooling pressure relief
  • Buoyant Active Flex layer enables easy movement
  • Responsive pocketed coils for increased comfort
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Three Shopping Tips for Hybrid Mattresses

Before you make a final decision, factor in these tips.

Treat your new mattress as an investment

No one wants to replace a mattress sooner than expected because they didn’t buy a high-quality hybrid. However, that can happen if all you consider as you shop is what mattress has the lowest price. Instead of judging solely by price, think about the mattress’s value, included features, and how many years it is likely to last you.

Know your sleeping position preferences

A too-soft or too-firm mattress is one of the prime reasons sleepers experience discomfort. Each sleeping style has a firmness that suits it. Side and combination sleepers benefit from lying on medium mattresses, though some side sleepers prefer softer beds. Stomach and back sleepers should consider firm mattresses to minimize sinkage and prevent spinal misalignment.

Brush up on customer reviews

If you’re buying a mattress sight unseen, customer reviews can give a better idea of how the bed feels. Even if you’ve tried a showroom model, it can’t capture the full experience of sleeping on a mattress every night, so it’s smart to see what other people have to say. Plus, customer reviews can give you an idea of how companies address issues such as warranty claims.

1. Best Hybrid Mattress Overall: Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid

There’s no such thing as one hybrid mattress that’s just right for everyone, thanks to the fact that everyone has different sleep needs. However, we must admit that when it comes to the AS3 Hybrid, it’s not easy to think of people who wouldn’t find it a comfortable mattress.

The balanced medium feel is designed to provide support and cushion for most sleeping positions and body types. Because it suits most sleeping styles, it’s also a good choice for couples with conflicting styles who want to share a mattress. Lastly, due to its breathable foam top and airy coil support, the AS3 Hybrid can help hot sleepers rest without overheating.

Three layers make up the AS3 Hybrid, all of them wrapped in a soft and breathable cover. The AS3 Hybrid is topped with Bio-Pur® foam, one of the materials that set Amerisleep apart from other manufacturers. The foam is produced by mixing plant-derived oils with traditional memory foam ingredients, resulting in a more breathable and responsive comfort material.

Underneath the Bio-Pur® foam is a layer of tall pocketed coils, with each coil wrapped to isolate movement. The coils along the sides of the mattress are thicker to firm up the sides, creating consistent edge support. Sleepers who have difficulty moving in the morning may appreciate how it’s easier to slide off a mattress with edge support.

The pocketed coils rest on a sturdy foam base. Without the stability of a foam base, pocketed coils can sag prematurely, creating an unsupportive surface.

Amerisleep includes a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty with every mattress, including the AS3 Hybrid. If you’re interested in more than just a new hybrid mattress, we suggest checking out the current bundles and other deals Amerisleep runs throughout the year. You dress your new mattress with pillows, sheets, blankets, and even invest in an adjustable bed.

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2. Best Cooling Hybrid Mattress: Zoma Hybrid

If you’re looking to fall asleep faster and get deeper sleep, the key to success might be the Zoma Hybrid. As a mattress brand, Zoma focuses on engineering sleep technologies that promote undisturbed sleep. Their hybrid mattress has a medium feel suitable for most sleeping styles.

Every Zoma Hybrid is topped with a layer of gel memory foam. Because traditional memory foam has a habit of holding onto body heat throughout the night, many manufacturers infuse their memory foam with cooling gels. The added infusions help wick heat away from the sleeper and promote its swift release from the mattress.

The gel memory foam feels plush and conforming, but it’s not the only important foam inside the Zoma Hybrid. Underneath it is a layer of Reactiv™ to increase the mattress’s responsiveness. The Zoma Hybrid adapts to movements within seconds thanks to the buoyancy of Reactiv™.

Pocketed coils support these top two foam layers. While the coils are wrapped with fabric to limit motion transfer, there’s still plenty of room between the coils for air to circulate. The final layer is an inch of firm foam to give the coils a sturdy base to push off from, increasing the mattress’s likely lifespan. 

Between the gel memory foam top, the airy coil support system, and the AirCloth mattress cover, the Zoma Hybrid is almost guaranteed to stay pleasantly chill throughout the night. People who wake up sweating or overheated may be able to find relief on the Zoma Hybrid.

Also, because of their focus on restorative rest, Zoma tends to market their mattresses toward athletes and other physically active people. However, you don’t have to be a sporty person to take advantage of the Zoma Hybrid’s features. For example, people with a chronic pain condition who struggle with insomnia can try a Zoma Hybrid to see if it helps them sleep better.

Your purchase of a Zoma Hybrid includes the security of a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.

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3. Best Value Hybrid Mattress: Vaya Hybrid

Vaya is a brand focused on providing excellent value for their customer’s money. Their original Vaya Mattress and the newer Vaya Hybrid are highly affordable yet provide great amounts of comfort and support. So what is Vaya’s secret? They use high-quality materials in a simple yet effective design to maximize comfort.

Both of Vaya’s mattresses are excellent for budget shoppers of any sleep style. Naturally, the Vaya Hybrid is more buoyant than the original Vaya, so we recommend it for people who like a bed with some bounce.

The Vaya Hybrid is 12 inches tall and contains three layers. The first layer of the Vaya Hybrid is lightweight, airy Vaya Comfort Foam. The foam is engineered to feel soft and responsive, changing to suit your body’s current position. In addition, its breathable nature keeps heat from collecting inside the bed, which can disturb your rest.

The hybrid’s support core is pocketed coils that boost the foam’s comfort by adding lift. The pocketed coils retract as required when you lie down or move, helping the mattress adapt to your needs. The coil support system also allows air to flow through the bottom of the mattress, helping the whole bed stay cool while you rest.

The third and final layer is a thick foam base for a more durable structure. The edge support along the sides of the mattress also promotes a durable surface, offering firm edges that keep a person from rolling over the side and make it easy to move in and out of bed.

Vaya manufactures all their mattresses in the USA with foams certified by CertiPUR-US®, ensuring you’re sleeping soundly on a safely produced mattress. The Vaya Hybrid is backed by a 100-night home trial and a 10-year warranty. Vaya offers significant discounts on their mattresses throughout the year, so keep an eye out to maximize your savings.

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 4. Best Luxury Mattress: Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

Many sleepers dream of sinking into a soft mattress that feels like their personal cloud, relaxing after a long day. If you want a luxuriously plush sleep experience, our top recommendation is the AS5 Hybrid from Amerisleep. This high-quality hybrid has support features that bolster the bed’s soft feel instead of negating it, promoting a healthy spine alignment and a good night’s rest.

The Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid has four layers that establish its soft, hugging feel perfect for side sleeping. Whether you’re a slim side sleeper or a plus-size one, the AS5 Hybrid can provide a plush and supportive night’s rest. Buoyant foams and coils keep the body from sinking uncomfortably far into the mattress.

The first layer is Bio-Pur® foam, a breathable and responsive plant-based memory foam. As we previously discussed, Bio-Pur® foam is not only more eco-friendly than traditional memory foam but also more comfortable. The AS5 Hybrid relies on a thick layer of Bio-Pur® foam for its soft feel.

The second layer is Active Flex foam, an aptly named material that adds elastic responsiveness to the bed. Many soft mattresses can’t adapt quickly to movements, leaving sleepers feeling trapped in bed. Because of Active Flex, sleepers can move across the surface of the AS5 Hybrid without feeling as if their bed is a sinkhole.

Underneath the two foams is the AS5 Hybrid’s pocketed coils support core. Even with the thick foam layers on top, the coils feel bouncy and respond to a person’s every movement without transferring it across the surface. 

The coils stand straight and strong thanks to the underlying foam base, giving them a surface to push off from when adapting to movements.

While we primarily recommend the AS5 Hybrid for side sleepers, it’s also an excellent choice for hot sleepers who want a soft mattress that stays cool even as it hugs their body and absorbs heat.

The Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid includes a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty. Shoppers may also want to pair their new mattress with one of Amerisleep’s many accessories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hybrid mattress to buy?

Since everyone has different sleep needs, we can’t point to any one hybrid mattress as the best option. Some people will prefer a softer hybrid mattress, while others enjoy a firmer one that offers a more buoyant surface.

Our hybrid mattress recommendations were chosen for the wide variety of sleeping styles they suit. However, if you decide to go beyond our recommendations, we suggest considering your sleeping position and body type as you shop, along with what you would like to spend on a hybrid mattress.

What are the pros and cons of a hybrid mattress?

The big advantage of a hybrid mattress is how it’s designed to provide the best features of foam and innerspring beds. A well-made hybrid mattress is cooler and bouncier than a pure foam bed, yet also more cushioning and comfortable than a traditional innerspring mattress.

However, hybrid mattresses aren’t perfect and do possess a couple of cons. What stops many people from buying one is the price of the average hybrid. Because they mix high-quality materials, hybrids have high price tags. Some people are also put off by how heavy a hybrid mattress is. For people with movement difficulties, even lifting a hybrid mattress to change the sheets is a laborious process.

Are hybrid mattresses good for the back?

Yes, a hybrid mattress can support the spine and relieve back pain. The responsive pocketed coils inside the mattress retract as needed, compressing more under the heavier parts of the body for adaptable support. The conforming foam top molds to the back’s curves for pressure and pain relief.